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The messages below were in response to a news story about Jane Smiley's A
Thousand Acres being censored in Australia because the censors were
afraid it would incite adolescents to make up false accusations of abuse
against the adults in their lives.  We were discussing the issue of
censorship when Patrice Kindl (author of Owl in Love, among other books),
made the comment below.  Then Judith chimed in with a discussion point
relating to DWJ.  So I thought you all might be interested.

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> Judith,
> Actually, as a writer, I find this sort of thing enormously flattering.
> What power I wield!  Especially in comparison with television, films,
> magazines and advertising, which, though ubiquitous and funded by
> of dollars a year, don't seem to have quite the same control over the
> of youth as I.
> Hahaha!  I am feeling quite exhilarated.
> Patrice Kindl

From: Judith Ridge <judithr at OZEMAIL.COM.AU>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 19:52:57 +1000
Subject: Re: censorship for senior high school students
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Indeed, Patricia, this is precisely what Diana Wynne Jones had to say on
subject of censorship when I interviewed her about 10 years ago (she
slipping that one quietly into the conversation...!) She said something
the effect that censoring books is a recognition of their power, and is a
perverse kind of compliment. And that books deserve that kind of respect!
was a nice way of looking at it, I think!


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