Doing the reading (was: Best Books 2002)

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Thu Jan 9 06:36:38 EST 2003

 --- Anna Z Skarzynska <theania at> wrote: 
> To the downgrading for having a slightly wonky printer, I have this
> to say:
> pathetic.

Seconded. With much fellow feeling. A certain university refused to
award me my MA unless I handed in two further copies of my
dissertation, with "corrections" - which meant adding page numbers. And
I couldn't just write them on the original copies, I had to print the
whole thing out twice over again! And as my university account had been
cancelled (this was six months after the course finished), I had to do
it on my flat-mate's dodgy dot-matrix printer, and it took most of the
night. OK, so it would have been a good idea to add page numbers, but I
hardly think omitting them is grounds for failure! Why do people have
to be so petty sometimes?


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