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. Were
> your
> students doing degrees involving literature - or was
> your course mearly a fill in that they had to do in
> order to become engineers or PE teachers?
> Jon Noble
Actually this is probably unfair to Engineers. I've
known several very literate ones, in my student days I
shared a house with one who would even write poetry in
his spare time (he's now a professor of mechanical
engineering so it didn't affect him careerwise), while
another I knew actually had fiction published while
still a student. PE teachers on the other hand....

While on the topic of avoiding the reading, I only got
through Economics at Uni by skipping the lectures, but
I did do the reading. No one who attended the lectures
passed, and the books i read were by the lecturer!
They were boring enough, but the lectures...I knew
someone who once attended one to get it off with her
boyfriend up the back and fell asleep. On the other
hand I nearly failed teacher's college becasue of
skipping lectures. They were compulsory and the
lecturer had to do my final assessment - he knew I
hadn't attended because no-one attended after the
first two. On his third lecture he had an empty hall. 

Jon Noble

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