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On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 12:49:06AM -0000, Anna Z Skarzynska wrote:
> Widdy:
> > > I guess my question would be . . . would it have been slash for you if
> > > the two characters had been of opposite genders instead of the same
> > > gender?
> Kathryn:
> > Call me old-fashioned, but, no, it wouldn't have been.  Then again, if
> > they had been of opposite genders, I wouldn't have been expecting a
> > Friendship book either (not that it's impossible to have Great
> > Friendships between persons of the opposite gender, it's just that
> > that's not usually what gets *written* about persons of the opposite
> > gender).  I would possibly have found it a bit too... erotic for my
> > taste, but I would probably have stuck with it to find out more.
> So what did you make of the Wraeththu novels by Storm Constantine? (In which
> the heroes are male....
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> S

> but they undergo a transformation into Wraeththu, who are sort of
> hermaphrodites, and they do end up having sex with one another?)

Well, probably due to the number of times "erotic" was mentioned in
association with this series, I've been rather leery of reading them,
so I cannot give you my response to them!

> I read these ages ago, and thought them quite strange, but very good,

That doesn't really surprise me; the impressions I've gotten from other
peoples' comments have been that they were very compelling and evocative
and beautifully written novels... but I suspect that they are still not
going to be my kind of thing.

> tasteful. I have not read the book you were discussing; is it the way the
> M/M thing was described, or the mere fact it was there that bothered you?

More the fact that it was there, I think.

Oddly enough, though, I wasn't bothered by the scenario in "Ethan of
Athos" by Lois McMaster Bujold, where there's an entire planet of gay
men -- but they're gay through virtue of having no other choice, since
there aren't any women on the planet at all.  And also the story was
mostly focused on the adventure, and the fish-out-of water situation of
the protagonist, and what love there was was love-as-affection more than

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