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otheng otheng at kinghenry8.coventry.sch.uk
Wed Jan 8 05:16:52 EST 2003

>  --- hallieod at indigo.ie wrote:
> And while on Christmas books, has anyone read Mirror Dreams by
> Catherine Webb? It was part of my present from my father-in-law, and
> looks interesting, but I don't feel gripped enough by it to stop
> reading my Gwendoline Courtneys.
> Rosie

Gwendoline Courtney!!!!

I thought I must be the only person on the planet who remembered her books.
I adored "Elizabeth of the Garret Theatre" - my role-model, I felt!

I have three - EotGT, "Sally's Family" and something about "Downside Farm"??
Are there any more you know about?

Gill (longtime lurker. Happy New year everyone!)

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