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Good luck with your defense.


Thanks. I'll need it, because, after writing the wretched thing for 6 years,
I still have not read some of the books I ought to have read, and have only
a cursory acquaintance with some of the similar material to the tale I had
edited. I am now essentially the world expert on the tale in question, and
yet there are gaps... But I think I'll be OK. If they ask me, fex, why I did
not discuss the tale's place in the context of humorous literature, I'll
tell them quite honestly that a) there are already several in-depth books on
the subject and b) I basically ran out of time, so choosing between
something half-baked and nothing, I opted for the latter (bearing in mind
point a))
I did sympathise with your rant about useless students, though. When I was
an undergraduate, I often wondered just what some people were doing at uni;
they ought to have taken a year (minimum) off, and partied and shagged and
gone wild to the point of oblivion, to get it out of their system, as well
as learning to live independently, coping with all that new freedom, getting
to grips with operating cookers, washing machines and other appliances.
These people (known as conveyor belt students), are expected to go to uni
after school, so they do, not knowing anything about looking after
themselves, and, more to the point, not knowing where their true interests
lie. So they do English, because they are English. Or Welsh, because they
can speak Welsh. They are not actually especially interested in their
subject. Or worse, they do something because 'it's a good career move'. What
happened to art for art's sake?
People like these were really annoying to those of us students who were
passionate about our subjects. I suspect it's worse for the lecturers, who
want to inspire, and share their knowledge and passion.
Oh dear, ranting again.

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