Best Books 2002

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Jan 7 03:06:20 EST 2003

>No guarantee I'd succeed, but there's no guarantee my poor instructor would
>even notice.  There's a certain, well, skill set to it if you pay attention.
>After listening to class discussion and instruction, there just isn't much
>you can't fake.  A lot depends on the class and instructor, though.  The
>fact of the matter is that some instructors are pretty clueless or have an
>easy handle (one reason I have so little respect for agendized
>professors--not only are they intellectually compromised, IMO, but they also
>tend to be easily manipulatable).

Oh great, now I'm *clueless* and dispirited.

One of my classes was just soooo depressing - I asked them to write about 
their favourite book as an introduction, and at least 5 of them wrote about 
magazines, and motoring magazines at that. And a couple more wrote about 
how they don't read. These are people I have to teach poetry to.

Hmmm. Perhaps Jacob, your profs were so pleased at having a student with a 
glimmer of intelligence, that they gave you pity/gratitude marks.


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