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Mon Jan 6 18:51:46 EST 2003

here's what comes to mind:

Best book that I keep forgetting to order --
Wheel of the Infinite_ by Martha Wells

Best new discovery: Jo Walton, I read her books
The King's Peace and the King's name,
interestingly skewed Arthurianism.  No Lancelot,
instead a female warrior, Sulienn who doesn't
exist in any other world or story.

Best new book by Steven Brust: The Paths of the
Dead . This is the first volume of the new Paarfi
romance, The Viscount of Adrilankha. I can't
place this book in any other category at the
moment as I have only read it once and I know
from the other Paarfi books that I won't get half
the jokes to say nothing of appreciate the plot
subtleties until I reread. I will have to
nominate Brust as most reread author of the year.
I got Issola last Christmas and vconsequently
reread threee quarters of the Vlad books  and in
preparation for Viscount I read the rest, and
Issola, again and again and .........
Now that I've discovered the Dragaera mailing
list this Brust frenzy may last until the Merlin
Conspiracy comes out!  

Bujold's Diplomatic Immunity was a bit of an
anticlimax after A Civik Campaign. The Curse of
Chalion was a good solid read but isn't up for
any awards.

Definitely the year of the reread,  I tackled
Juniper Gentian and Rosemary again. This time I
googlred for the ballad it's based upon and the
whole thing did make a lot more sense. I still
found the relationships between the family and
between Gentian andf her friends rather odd. Then
looking at some of the rec arts sf written
threads on the book I came across the information
that Dean is involved with several people in a
polyamorous kind of way and it seemed clearer (to
me at any rate). 
 Sure I'll remember some more books as soon as I
hit send ..........


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