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Ven vendersleighc at
Mon Jan 6 18:20:09 EST 2003

Kale wrote

I'm trying to decide how to refer to certain 
characters.  For example,
Sempitern Walker's first name is Ranjit, but he 
is more often referred to
as Sempitern Walker.  With many of the books, we 
are more accustomed
to referring to the characters by one name--or 
Seb instead of Seb Leroy
or Mig instead of her real name.  Is it Howl or 
Wizard Howl or Howell Jenkins?
I suppose we can just set up redirects for name 

I would perhaps use all their names when you
first refer to them and thereafter pick one-- eg
the Sempitern, Ranjit Walker thereafter refered
to as, say, "The Sempitern" or Wizard Howl, aka
Howell Jenkins, thereafter called "Howl". This,
hopefully will satisfy the need to have the full
name(s) for easy reference without cluttering or
confusing the text.


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