Best Books 2002

Denise DeGraf mustang at
Mon Jan 6 11:08:17 EST 2003

Robyn Starkey danced around singing:
>I am sitting here reading this just before going to teach introductory 
>literature courses for the first time this semester, and boy does reading 
>these comments make me not want to go. Sigh. You might pass without 
>reading the book, but there's no guarantee your poor instructor won't BITE 
>your essay.

Oh, I don't know... I get substantially better grades and "wowee, I'm 
impressed" type comments from profs when I haven't bought the book or 
attended lecture, than when I have done both/either.  Which is fine with 
me, given the majority of texts I'm required to read for class aren't ones 
I'd voluntarily touch with a ten-foot pole.

Denise DeGraf ~~
"You're down as expendable.  You don't get a weapon."
    -- Diana Wynne Jones (Dark Lord of Derkholm)

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