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Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Mon Jan 6 06:55:26 EST 2003

 --- hallieod at wrote: 
> I *just* saw a bath tray that included a good-sized reading stand. 
> (Probably one of those cursed companies that don't ship from the UK 
> to Ireland.)  Course the only problem is that you'd have to turn the 
> pages far too often, unless it was  a very slow read, in which case, 
> why bother?

I got one of these for Christmas, from my mother-in-law. I have tried
it a few times, and didn't find turning pages a particular problem, but
I was reading fairly slim paperbacks. What irritated me was that the
book was far enough away that I had to wear my glasses, which of course
steam up in a nice hot bath! (Or they would, if our water tank was
capable of providing enough hot water for a *really* nice hot bath.)

[Re: Northanger Abbey]
> I only know Ven who *doesn't* like it. ;-)

I don't either!

The F+H/Middlemarch discussion sounds interesting though, even though I
struggled with Middlemarch.

And while on Christmas books, has anyone read Mirror Dreams by
Catherine Webb? It was part of my present from my father-in-law, and
looks interesting, but I don't feel gripped enough by it to stop
reading my Gwendoline Courtneys.


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