Abhorsen etc.

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Sun Jan 5 23:41:35 EST 2003

It shipped today.  I'm going to be gone all week, probably fretting that
it's arrived at my house and I'm not there to enjoy it.  How am I supposed
to focus on other reading now?!?  Our reading group is doing _Revelation_,
sequel to _Transformation_ by Carol Berg, and it's decent without being
stellar, but I do have to read it by the 15th.  I would rather be reading

However--I *will* be gone all week, mostly visiting family but also putting
into motion my Plan to help my nephew branch out in his reading.  He loves
to read, but doesn't like fiction much, and his mother is getting desperate
because he refuses to read anything she recommends.  Period.  So my idea is
to play Thomas Lynn and start sending him books anonymously (he's young
enough not to look at return addresses, but I have a Plan for that too).  I
figure one every two weeks is good enough to start with, since I'm not a
millionaire.  But think how fun this will be!  I really hope it works for

Until later,
Melissa Proffitt

(Oh.  And don't start any of those thousand-message threads, please. :)  I
have enough to worry about with all the spam that will be clogging my
machine after a week.)

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