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>>And you really shouldn't read in the bath.  :)
>[Loud pantomime chorus]  Ohhhh yes you should!!  Reading in the bath 
>is one of life's great pleasures.  (I never do it with other people's 
>books, in case anyone is starting to worry.)

I only do it with paperbacks I don't care about.  Hardbound is just too
heavy.  I wish I had a bigger bath.  :)

>I *just* saw a bath tray that included a good-sized reading stand. 
>(Probably one of those cursed companies that don't ship from the UK 
>to Ireland.)  Course the only problem is that you'd have to turn the 
>pages far too often, unless it was  a very slow read, in which case, 
>why bother?

And Jacob just read something to me about a new kind of "paper" that's made
from plastic.  Of course I immediately wanted to know about all the little
pellets that would give their lives to be turned into reading material....

>>  >And finally, (well, finally that I can think of for now) _Northanger
>>>Abbey_ gets the Most Improved by Studying It award for this year
>>>(loved it already, though it was never my favourite Austen, love it
>>>much more now)
>>I loved it because part of me is still Catherine, to my embarrassment.  I
>>don't know anyone else who likes it, though.
>I only know Ven who *doesn't* like it. ;-)

Ven is biased.  :)  (Poke poke, where are you Ven?)

>>That would be nice.  Maybe I'll actually finish reading _Middlemarch_ so
>>I'll know what you're talking about.  :)
>Ha!  I managed to participate - wait - I *started* the Tess & Hexwood 
>discussion, based on Philip's idea - without either of our having 
>read Tess. It should be no bother for you to know what I'm talking 
>about.  Assuming I can collect my wits enough to write it up (and 
>know myself what I'm talking about!).

I can probably fake my way through the discussion.  It's amazing how
intelligent you can sound knowing only a few key plot points and maybe a
critical opinion or two.  Of course, this is bad if you come up against
someone who actually *knows* the text in question, but then you just shut up
and listen.  That makes you seem like a genius.

Melissa Proffitt

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