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Okay, I might as well play too, though I haven't kept a reading list,
and my recollections may therefore be spotty and weighted to the most

Best New Series (that is, newly discovered)

The Liaden Universe books by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.
<> Actually I think I also (re)discovered this list
because someone mentioned the Liaden books on it and I found the post in
a search engine.  Love this series, and have been telling all my friends
about it ever since.  I even gave a couple of the books for Christmas
presents. (grin) My favourite description of the series is that it's a
cross between Star Wars, James Bond and Georgette Heyer. 8-)

Best New Children's Fantasy

"A College of Magics" by Caroline Stevermer, even though I didn't quite
like the ending, but the rest of it was really good.  The runner-up was
"The Two Princesses of Bamarre" by Gail Carson Levine, which was not
bad, but not up to the author's previous memorable fairytale fantasy
"Ella Enchanted".

Most Unexpectedly Good Secondhand Purchase

Awarded to the book(s) which one had bought cheap second-hand for just
rubbish reading, expecting it to be tossed, and then decided after
reading it that it was actually worth keeping.  This is a tie, going to
"The Alien Dark" (sorry, can't remember the author, I just lent it to
someone) an SF novel about aliens, logic, fatalism, imagination and
hope.  The other was "Mainline" by Deborah Christian, which looked as if
it were going to be just thriller-esque SF, but actually managed to
squeeze a point in about choices and relationships.  The winner would
have been Ken Catran's "Deepwater" trilogy but it is disqualified
because I think I found it in 2001 not 2002.

Most Dissappointing Sequel

"The Shelters of Stone" by Jean Auel.  This also fits into the "Most
Long-Awaited Sequel" category, since we've been waiting more than ten
years for it.  But even if we hadn't been waiting that long, it would
still have been the Most Dissappointing.  The style was dreadful, full
of lecture-like info-dumps ("If I had to spend all this time researching
this, then you jolly well will sit still and listen to my lovely data!")
and lacking the cohesion of the earlier books in the Earth's Children
series.  The last really good one in the series was "The Mammoth
Hunters", and the first two ("Clan of the Cave Bear" and "The Valley of
Horses") were the best, really.

The Most Waste Of Money And Mysterious Missing Book Award

"The Fall of the Kings" by two authors whos names I can't remember, and
I can't look up because the book is missing.  I *thought* it was either
in my to-be-tossed book box, or put aside somewhere to be sold
second-hand, but I can't find it.  This was a book I bought on spec in
trade paperback (about $40!) because it looked good, it sounded good,
and I felt like spending some money.  And though it started out well and
vividly and picturesquely, I got completely turned off when the two
heros turned out to be gay, and got in bed with each other.  Not the
kind of thing I want to read about, thank you.  I class this as "most
waste of money" since at least with "The Shelters of Stone" (which I
bought hardback) I actually finished the book.

The Old Favourite Unexpectedly Revisited Award

"The Ship Who Searched" by Anne McCaffrey.  My sister had borrowed it
when visiting me, and had taken it back with her to Canberra without
telling me -- the first I realized this was when I got a parcel with the
book in it.  So that prompted me to sit down and start reading it again,
and it was much enjoyed.

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