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At 02:48 AM 12/28/2002 -0500, deborah wrote:
>This is a great idea, though of course we'll use the spoilers pages for
>this level of detail.  People can use this as excuse to write those
>character studies we're always beginning.  ;)

I'm currently reading A Tale of Time City, which is a slow process as
it has never really been one of my favorites and I always seem to forget
the plot right after I read it. Hopefully, I'll get it this time around :)
Anyway, I'm taking the opportunity to fill in that section of the Wikipedia.

I'm trying to decide how to refer to certain characters.  For example,
Sempitern Walker's first name is Ranjit, but he is more often referred to
as Sempitern Walker.  With many of the books, we are more accustomed
to referring to the characters by one name--or Seb instead of Seb Leroy
or Mig instead of her real name.  Is it Howl or Wizard Howl or Howell Jenkins?
I suppose we can just set up redirects for name variations.

 From the Wikipedia instructions: Redirect one article title to another by 
text like this in its first line. Note that there must be no text following 
this, or the
redirect may not work.

#REDIRECT [[United States]]

Now, to figure out how to link in little things like the
concept of a Platonic Year and the polarities and caskets.

(having fun with the Wikipedia)

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