DWJ Quotes for signatures?

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Fri Feb 28 20:02:03 EST 2003

I know that there are a number of DWJ quotes up at the Castle (Deborah's 
site) -- but has anyone else been collecting them independently for use as 
email sigs?  (Usually it's advised to have no more than four lines in a 
signature including one's own name, so most of the DWJ quotes on the site 
are too long to be usable.)

I have been writing short "sig friendly" quotes down as I read books 
lately, just wondering if I'm the only one nutty enough to do that.  I'm 
tempted to put them up on the web somewhere, or hand them to Deborah once I 
have more than a few...any interest/thoughts?

Denise DeGraf ~*~ http://www.sonic.net/mustang/moggy
"People are strange.  Usually they're much
stranger than you think.  Start from there and
you'll never be unpleasantly surprised."  -- DWJ 

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