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Fri Feb 28 19:54:52 EST 2003

Margaret Ball danced around singing:
>"Where do you get your ideas?" always tempts me to tell them about the 
>Secret Idea Store in Poughkeepsie, accessible only to SFWA members.

There's a horribly entertaining short story by that name by Barry B. 
Longyear on that topic in his anthology "It Came From Schnectady" -- has 
anyone else read it?  He has a fictional reporter ask him the Dreaded 
Question, at which time he horrifies her with a monologue about how 
commercials often sound like science fiction stories -- like the old 
underwear commercial in which someone shouts "show us your underalls!" and 
magically everybody becomes naked...and if that doesn't work, there's a 
secret club in which writers can send money to Schnectady and get 
bestseller ideas in response.

Sounds lame the way I describe it, but I highly encourage anyone that 
enjoys creative writing to read it.  It's quite possibly one of the most 
entertaining and memorable pieces I've read in my life.  *grin*

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