The Merlin Conspiracy interview on Bookseller

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>Sorry if someone has already pointed this out, I haven't been keeping up with all the messages lately, but there's an article/interview about "The Merlin Conspiracy" on The Bookseller website at:

Thanks for the link.  I hadn't seen this yet.  Interesting, that last
paragraph about a child's question being what sparked the book's creation.
Same thing for _Howl's Moving Castle_.  I wonder if there were any others?

That makes me think of that question authors really hate:  "Where do you get
your ideas?"  I think often what people want to know is "Where did the germ
of an idea for Book X come from?"  I'm very interested in the ideas that get
books Katherine Kurtz having an elaborate dream that turned
into _Deryni Rising_, or Orson Scott Card drawing a very elaborate city map
which led to _Hart's Hope_.

Melissa Proffitt

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