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Thu Feb 27 17:04:32 EST 2003

*Before* getting down to thinking about Society and all (ok, it's 
going to be tomorrow now), I just wanted to pass this one on.  I went 
into a charity shop today and picked up a couple of books - one of 
them being Hexwood, the Mammoth edition.  We've got a copy, but I 
just figured I might as well have an extra on hand (and give a couple 
of Euro to a good cause at the same time).  So, tonight, I wrote to 
someone in Wales (on Bookcrossing) who was looking for anyone willing 
to send books to the UK, mentioning a couple of my favourite authors 
- and guess what?  He or she had heard of DWJ in a blog, and was 
really anxious to try her.  As I haven't come across/picked up an 
extra copy of any DWJ for about a year, I thought this was pretty 
nice serendipity!  Cara was also willing to contribute a beat-up copy 
of Howl, which makes for good contrast.

And, just wondering, how many other list members are involved in BC 
now?  I know two, but are there lots?

Hallie (aka Hero).

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