Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

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Thu Feb 27 12:46:39 EST 2003

>Perhaps the answer to is to add a third axis to your model, labelled 'Distance from our own world'. I think it would be possible to make a model of this kind from a plastic construction kit, and attach little labels with the names of books at the relevant points in the resulting 3D matrix. If mounted properly it would be an attractive addition to the living room, and one could spend happy evenings arguing with like-minded friends about exactly where to place 'Power of Three', etc.
>Aaack.  I started thinking of ways to get my dad to build this for me.  He'd
>think I was insane, but he'd do it.  I have no life....   [:)] 

Oh, do get one made! But not plastic. Little gold wires crisscrossed by 
glittering jewels, don't you think? A Fantasy Orrery.

>what's needed is a second 3D matrix specifically for positioning works of
>high fantasy depending on their accretions of worn-out cliches, or
No, no, we need to bring it all together into a  *multi-dimensional* 
Fantasy Orrery. Of course you can see only three of the dimensions at 
any one time, but different sets of axes could come into view depending 
on how you manipulate it.

Margaret Ball

-Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip?
-To get to the same side.

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