Yet Another Enforced Absence - with HP4 Spoilers.

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Tue Feb 25 16:26:28 EST 2003


>yes, the dursleys are definitely the part of HP that bears the least 
>inspection, which it doesn't seem to bear too well in general. fun 
so what did you actually like about HP4? or was it all one big fat 
(er, thin. er, healthy weight) nothing? =)

Lol!  This gave me the best laugh in days!  Pretty soon we'll all be 
reduced to silence, from weighing - er - judging (non-judgmentally, 
of course!) each word.  :-P

I was all set to answer this with things I did actually like about 
HP4, and then realised that for each positive, I had an equal 
negative, which rather blew my resolution not to criticise.  I will 
do my best!   I did find it quite engrossing, and I did like the fact 
that Harry admitted he'd been pretty silly not to think about wizards 
in other countries, and I also enjoyed the start of romantic interest 
in the opposite sex (about time, too), even though the boys were 
utterly infuriating.  And reading just for myself, it did seem 
appropriate that there should be some serious fall-out from the 
return to power of the Arch-Enemy.

See, didn't I do well? :-)   And I'll pretty much leave it there, 
only adding that I found it a bit surprising that she actually went 
so far as to kill off a student, and one we'd gotten to know, given 
the fact that this is a children's book.  (This isn't a personal 
motherly worry, as Cara, who's in the "appropriate" age group for HP, 
stopped me reading to her in the middle of book 2, and has said she 
never plans to read any more  (though she's managed the REAL _Deep 
Secret_ fine), and Becca, of course, has no problem.  In fact, I 
tried to discuss this with her, and she had completely forgotten that 
anyone died!)  Especially as I'd heard that JKR had said that 5 was 
extremely difficult to write, as someone important was to die in it. 
I can see now why some people thought that it would be Ron, though I 
hope it's not.

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