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christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Feb 24 19:41:06 EST 2003

lawson is a japanese convenience store chain (think 7-11, or suchlike.) 
convini (as they're known in japan) have a much wider variety of goods for 
sale than in other countries (video games, CDs, DVDs, and some special 
offers.) lawson must be doing a cross-promotion with studio ghibli.. this 
looks to be an advert for some sort of art exhibition.

it appears that the second URL is a picture of a model constructed of howl's 
moving castle. not much like my imaginings of the castle, but that's what i 
expected from studio ghibli. the left-hand man in the bottom right corner is 
hayao miyazaki.

oh, and the text on the picture on the page says "this castle moves." =) i 
see spiral binding holes on the left of it, which makes me think it's the 
cover of the program or some sort of book they're selling at the exhibition, 
if i understand everything correctly.

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