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> >> There's more in science fiction because I don't
> have
> >> a lot of subcategories
> >> for it yet. 
> >
> >I do intent to list some subcategories for SF
> >sometime, I think these will be easier as most SF
> >clearly falls into some established category.
> My problem is that I know this is true, but I don't
> know what any of the
> categories are called.  :)

OK some categories for Science Fiction, like the
fantasy list, I'm sure I'll keeping thinking of
others, which reminds that I've got another fantasy
one from looking through my own collection (and I'm
now through the Bs) = Lost Race a body of stories from
the late 19th and early 20th century centuries
epitomised by H Rider Haggard.

Most of these SF categories probably need little
explanation; some are for type of story and some for
writing style, again there is some overlap, especially
amoung thinks like Distopia, Cyberpunk and Near Future

Space opera
Time travel
Parallel universe
Near future
Hard SF
End of time (also a fantasy category - but I can only
think of Jack Vance and perhaps Gene Wolfe as
Romance (as in love)
Planetary romance (as in adventure)
Computer (perhaps these could be lumped in with robot,
although if you include Virtual reality stories like
Otherland here, perhaps not)
Aliens (sub groups include first contact, alien
culture and alien invasion)
New Wave
Humour and satire
Paranoid (which was started by Eric Frank Russell not
the X-files)
TV or movie tie-in (I'm thinking here Star Trek, Dr
Who Star Wars etc as categories if you're into them)
Perception (stories that look at how we view reality -
Heinlein's "Orphans of the sky" and much of Phil Dick)
Superman, Mental powers, psi etc.
Science-fantasy (that crossover again)
You could also use particular issues raised in a story
as categories, such as environment, gender, biology,
evolution, etc.

There, thats a start anyway


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