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Fri Feb 21 18:51:42 EST 2003

> is that sort of thing a problem with any SF/fantasy cons? i don't really
>  understand the audience. i imagine not, but if they splinter off, it
> could  become one... anime cons are starting to splinter smaller
> (shoujocon and  yaoicon come to mind) and while that's fine and dandy
> for that audience, i  have a feeling it might cause it to stagnate as
> well.

Oh, I have to respectfully disagree at this part... Remember a while ago
you were talking about how anime's fanbase is growing & diversifying? It's
true, & it's good, but if there's nothing at the main anime cons that
specifically caters to the niche interests, the cons are going to lose
that audience. I think Shoujocon fills a v. real need--& I have to say, I
never see a tenth of what interests me there at other cons (whether
programming, video rooms, dealer's room, etc.). Variety at cons is good,
but it usually ends up w/the smaller bits of the fanbase getting ignored
somewhat. Shoujocon, for one, has grown exponentially every year. I would
much rather go there than to a generic anime con where the stuff I'm
interested in is hard to find or absent, & there are enough attendees who
seem to agree.


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