Yet Another Enforced Absence

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Feb 21 18:35:57 EST 2003

hallie remarks:

>Also read HP & the Goblet of Fire, about which I will say nothing (such 
>self-restraint!) except that I *hated* the diet bit, at the beginning.  Not 
>only did all the old fat=nasty stuff come up again in spades, but it was 
>compounded with a heavy dose of "healthy food"=deprivation, which I'm still 
>close enough to nutrition training to despise.  Never mind!

come on! lay into it! it'll be such fun, and maybe speed up your recovery. 

though don't you think a lot of that section is to illustrate how utterly 
clueless aunt .. uh .. whatever .. is? i mean, i don't think that JKR is 
suggesting that this is the sort of diet that's sensible. it's played for 
laughs at how utterly stupid the dursleys are. surely that's obvious and 
permissable? (yes, it is trite. the dursleys are very trite.)


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