Yet Another Enforced Absence

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Feb 21 18:31:57 EST 2003

>Then I read _Summerland_, which was wonderful.  I now understand all the 
>high magics bit Melissa mentioned, and truly liked this book.  A lot.  The 
>flannel cakes on Saturday mornings was so sad.   However (you knew this 
>was coming, didn't you?) I did have a lurking unhappiness about the 
>baseball as source and symbol of all magic in the world theme.  I know 
>baseball is viewed this way by a lot of people, but what if you're just 
>not into it?  The transformation of the bad player to wonderful one as 
>symbolic of personal transformation left me feeling a bit uneasy.  How is 
>it different from fat kid becomes thin as symbolic of same?  Oh dear, I 
>hated having this quibble with the book, as I liked it so much, and I'm 
>sure it probably doesn't make sense anyway, but nothing new in that.

The magic of baseball is very well explained in Ray Kinsella's 
Shoeless  Joe (made into the movie Field of Dreams). Well worth a read, and 
it might help to explain how widespread the idea is. I'm a cricket fan 
myself, but that book helped me to get the baseball thing.

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