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christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Feb 21 18:32:01 EST 2003

i find anime conventions to be a hoot. a lot of why i think they work .. 
well, a few reasons.

(a) good guests = good panels.

they fly people in from japan who seriously want to discuss their works with 
an international audience. moreover, the japanese creators are just starting 
to get used to the very idea of an international audience, so they're 
usually really enthusiastic about the trip to the US because we're an 
unexplored territory to them, figuratively.

they also don't have "cons" the way we do in japan, so it's sort of a trip 
for them in that way too.

(b) varied fanbase = lots of variety.

there are lots of different types of anime fans, from young kids who like 
pokemon and yu-gi-oh! to hardcore types who only watch stuff concurrently 
with its release on japanese TV and everything in between. this means that 
to cater to such various audiences, there are a variety of different events 
(costume competitions, dance/raves, artwork and model-building panels, deep 
discussions about the meaning of a single series, etc.)

comic cons (along with the industry) are choking to death because everyone 
who goes is someone who wants to be part of the industry and a lot of the 
product is specifically aimed and targeted at a niche of people who are 
interested in one sort of thing and will put up with the ridiculous pricing 
and collecting schemes the industry engenders.

is that sort of thing a problem with any SF/fantasy cons? i don't really 
understand the audience. i imagine not, but if they splinter off, it could 
become one... anime cons are starting to splinter smaller (shoujocon and 
yaoicon come to mind) and while that's fine and dandy for that audience, i 
have a feeling it might cause it to stagnate as well.


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