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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 21 18:26:14 EST 2003

>Besides, you'd think they'd WANT us to be educated.  It would have been
>great if, just once, the response to "I'm in here reading" was "Oh, that's
>wonderful! I'll get your brother to do the work for you.  We want to
>encourage your vast intelligence."  :)

If they don't have to nag you to do it, somehow it becomes a less obvious 
parental priority. I remember roaring with laughter in a class in Year 12 
when the teacher asked students to outline problems with studying at home. 
One girl said "My mother keeps interrupting me to ask if I want a cup of 
tea or anything," as if this was a serious issue. Mine interrupted me to 
tell me to do my chores or look after my 4 year old brother.

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