Yet Another Enforced Absence

hallieod at hallieod at
Fri Feb 21 17:48:45 EST 2003

Phew.  Second dose of flu this year and *this* one got nasty.  The 
morning I was unable to read, I knew it wasn't messing around, and 
phoned the doctor.  And just for the record, let me publicly give 
thanks for doctors who come to your house when you're really ill.

I will try to catch up on missed messages, but for now just want to 
mention a few reads during this last stretch in bed.  Mostly rereads, 
but I finally got a copy of _The Hawthorn Tree_, (not to keep, 
unfortunately), and really enjoyed that.  I liked the way music was 
brought in to it, as into F&H.

Also read HP & the Goblet of Fire, about which I will say nothing 
(such self-restraint!) except that I *hated* the diet bit, at the 
beginning.  Not only did all the old fat=nasty stuff come up again in 
spades, but it was compounded with a heavy dose of "healthy 
food"=deprivation, which I'm still close enough to nutrition training 
to despise.  Never mind!

Then I read _Summerland_, which was wonderful.  I now understand all 
the high magics bit Melissa mentioned, and truly liked this book.  A 
lot.  The flannel cakes on Saturday mornings was so sad.   However 
(you knew this was coming, didn't you?) I did have a lurking 
unhappiness about the baseball as source and symbol of all magic in 
the world theme.  I know baseball is viewed this way by a lot of 
people, but what if you're just not into it?  The transformation of 
the bad player to wonderful one as symbolic of personal 
transformation left me feeling a bit uneasy.  How is it different 
from fat kid becomes thin as symbolic of same?  Oh dear, I hated 
having this quibble with the book, as I liked it so much, and I'm 
sure it probably doesn't make sense anyway, but nothing new in that.

And my books are categorised pretty much only into books which are on 
a shelf and books which aren't.  I do almost invariably still know 
where any book is, *unless* one of the kids took it and left it 
somewhere odd.  I was desperately craving a reread of _Bellwether_ 
last week, and still can't find it.

Last thing - did I mention here the ex-in-law who actually HAD a 
family rule that nobody who was reading could be disturbed?  I'm 
still blown away by how they managed to keep going at all!  I bet 
there was an unmentioned exemption clause about getting the kids out 
to school in the morning though.  :-)


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