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Margaret Ball margaret at
Fri Feb 21 16:10:00 EST 2003

> Octocon (Ireland's SF con) is full of people dressing up, acting silly,
> getting mildly (or not-so-mildly!) drunk, and generally having fun.  While
> there I have...been on a panel (because they were short of panellists for
> "Neglected Areas of SF" - I talked about kids' SF and DWJ!)...wandered about
> for the entire weekend in vampire costume, thus failing to win a prize in
> the masquerade because the judges thought I dressed like that all the
> time!...had my photograph taken by a guy who wanted to prove to his mother
> that he knew a tattooed lady...<snip>...and bunches of other fun things. :-)

Now THAT is what a con OUGHT to be. Clearly the Irish know how to do
things right...why am I not surprised?

Margaret Ball

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