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Margaret said...
> How lovely! I'm glad you liked "Salamandercon," but I have to tell you,
> the fictional version is a lot more fun than its real-life model,
> Armadillocon, which (last time I looked) was run by very serious-minded
> literary people who disapprove of dressing up and/or acting silly. In
> fact, the few times I've been a panelist there I've had to fight the
> urge to start screaming, "Lighten up, people, this is ENTERTAINMENT!"

Huhh???  Where's the fun in *that*?

Octocon (Ireland's SF con) is full of people dressing up, acting silly,
getting mildly (or not-so-mildly!) drunk, and generally having fun.  While
there I have...been on a panel (because they were short of panellists for
"Neglected Areas of SF" - I talked about kids' SF and DWJ!)...wandered about
for the entire weekend in vampire costume, thus failing to win a prize in
the masquerade because the judges thought I dressed like that all the
time!...had my photograph taken by a guy who wanted to prove to his mother
that he knew a tattooed lady...talked about cats to Katherine Kurtz for an
hour after a committee member handed her over to me saying "look after her
till it's time for her panel"...attended a panel about "Collaboration in SF"
during which the panellists (including Anne McCaffrey and Diane Duane)
talked solidly about food - and got the recipe for Chocolate Death Ice Cream
from DD afterwards...failed (again) to win a prize in the masquerade (for a
really spiffy Herald of Valdemar costume) after three friends of mine did
Cthulhoid monsters out of crepe paper and tin-foil, but had a nifty
song-and-dance routine to go with it...been given Kim Newman's standard
advice about trying to make a living from writing ("Don't") tarot in
the bar, with one eye over my shoulder for the mad tarot professional who
throws wobblies if she thinks anyone else is even opening a pack of
cards...and bunches of other fun things. :-)

And gaming conventions (in Ireland, at least) are even more fun - one
hundred (old) pounds for a rubber brick, anyone?

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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