Bone Doll's Twin (Was: Buffy, Suzy McKee Charnas, Fairuza Balk, etc.)

Abe Gross argross at
Fri Feb 21 05:40:37 EST 2003

Johanna wrote:

> Thanks for the rec re: Bone Doll's Twin, too--I v. much enjoy sf/f that
> explores gender, so I'll have to check it out.

Oh yes! How could I possibly have forgotten this one in my 'best books of
2002' list? I highly recommend this book. On the outside it looks like
a generic medieval-type fantasy (except that the British edition has a
*wonderful* front cover). But really, it's about the inner life of a child
and an exploration of gender identity, beautifully and vividly written, with
a very dark edge (but definitely not horror). Be warned if you read it,
though: it's only Book 1 of a trilogy, and it is *not* a standalone novel:
it ends on an emotional cliffhanger--so it might be a good idea to have Book
2 on hand when you read it; I believe it will be published in a few months'


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