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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 20 17:20:31 EST 2003

>On another thread, my mother also said she thinks she has a list of books I
>read as a child.  When I told her about that Childhood Favorites discussion
>and how I couldn't remember reading, she made a very strange noise like "I
>can remember it, you little snot, because I could never get you to stop long
>enough to do your chores."  Very expressive noise, that.

When I was 12 or thereabouts, I was engrossed in reading an Antonia Forest 
Marlow book in the car (can't remember which one, maybe Autumn Term). My 
mother was trying to talk to me about something, and was exasperated that 
she couldn't get my attention. She asked (I assume sarcastically) "I 
suppose you would rather talk to Antonia Forest than to me". To which I 
replied "Of course". I had no idea why she got offended. Seems obvious to 
me still.

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