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Wed Feb 19 18:47:02 EST 2003

>And I must admit that the con in Margaret Ball's Reva
>Konneva stories is a close second; can I admit that now that she's on the
How lovely! I'm glad you liked "Salamandercon," but I have to tell you, 
the fictional version is a lot more fun than its real-life model, 
Armadillocon, which (last time I looked) was run by very serious-minded 
literary people who disapprove of dressing up and/or acting silly. In 
fact, the few times I've been a panelist there I've had to fight the 
urge to start screaming, "Lighten up, people, this is ENTERTAINMENT!" 
 Personally I like cons where people put on ridiculous costumes, as long 
as I am not expected to follow suit; gives one something interesting to 
look at between sessions.

Boskone is the biggie in the northeast, but I think it's just over. SFWA 
( has some links to various convention listings on 
its Links page, you might look there. A lot of cons have their own 
websites now, so if you see one you're interested in it's worth googling 
to see what you can turn up on it.

Margaret Ball

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