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--- M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at> wrote:
> it occured to me that The List might be able to help
> me solve a little
> problem I've got.  I'm supposed to arrange a trip to
> a sf/fantasy con for
> some people. . . but I've never been to one (two
> Star Trek cons in my well
> spent youth, and that's all).  Does anyone have any
> reccomendations for a
> con in the basic New England area?  I'm especially
> but not exclusively
> interested in ones in the next few months. . ..

oh, what terrible timing.  you just missed two really
good Boston cons -- Arisia in January and Boskone in
February (this past weekend!).  Arisia
( is a fun party con, heavy on
media and gaming.  Boskone
( is a more literary
con, with a nice low-key feel.

the next good Boston-area sf/fantasy con is probably
Readercon (, which is an
extremely literary con, where the focus is truly on
talking about books.

a couple Massachusetts cons that aren't exactly
sf/fantasy but do take place within the next few
months are Intercon
(, which is a
LARPing con, and Anime Boston

Lunacon and I-con are conventions in the New York area
on successive weekends in late March; I've been to
I-con once and remember it as large and fairly
media-heavy, but that was a while ago so who knows.

there are lots more cons in the New England area, but
i don't tend to go to the ones outside of

i will state that i enjoyed the World Fantasy
Convention ( last year,
which changes locations and is in D.C. this year over
the weekend including Halloween) -- it's almost
entirely writers and editors and agents and such, with
only a smallish number of fans.

and Worldcon (, which also
changes locations, is in Toronto this year over Labor
Day weekend, and is supposedly really huge.

> or is there any sort of website with a guide to
> conventions?

is a huge, searachable list of cons (with links to the
specific con websites) all around the world.  it may
still be in testing stage right now, but is really
cool and should have what you're looking for.

hope this helps!


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