Very Hungry Caterpillar (with message this time)

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Wed Feb 19 13:40:06 EST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:20:19 -0500 (EST), deborah wrote:

>D'oh, fell behind on my email again!  Right, no current politics on
>list, even to respond to someone else who's brought it up.  This list is
>the only place I get to spend time with smart and interesting people who
>aren't angry all the time (at each other; at the Powers That Be Or Want
>To Be; at whatever) and I, for one, want to keep it that way.  ;)
>Although The Great Hallie-Melissa Battles are always intriguing.

That's not really Political though, so we're allowed.  Not to mention that
we hardly ever get angry at each other, and when we do, it's usually my

Can I be a Power That Wants To Be?  That sounds fun.  I suppose my imminent
immanence might be a problem for those around me and would definitely
interfere with the ability to prepare boxed macaroni and cheese for the
kids, as this is by no means a godlike snack.

>I should probably rewrite the 5 year old FAQ for new listcomers,
>shouldn't I.  And didn't I say I was going to do that about two years
>ago?  Bleah.

So you've got at least three years before we get annoyed, I figure.

Melissa Proffitt

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