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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Feb 19 12:31:01 EST 2003

Has anyone else read Duane's new book, Stealing the Elf-King's Roses? I'm
partway through it for the second time and would like to hear what anyone
else thinks of it. It isn't what I was expecting from the title, it's very
sciencefictional, with multiple universes. I like it a lot, the heroine and
her partner are nicely done, the worlds are very interesting, (the trial at
the beginning of the book is terrific, it really puts you into the setting
well) the mystery plot is confusing (in a good way). I was disappointed the
first time through because I don't *love* it, and it doesn't seem to me to
have the Duane "flavour" that the Door Into.. series and the Book of Night
with Moon have. It also seemed to me to end slightly too quickly, I think
the climax could have done with another few thousand words, but that seems
to be a complaint I have with several books recently so it may just be me.
I'd be interested to know what somebody who read it without any expectations
of the author would think of it. 
If nobody has read it, I suggest you do! It's very enjoyable. It's difficult
to say "if you like so and so, try this" because the writing style didn't
remind me of anyone in particular. If you like sf/fantasy mysteries, I
suppose :)
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