Great & Terrible Quest

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Wed Feb 19 00:27:25 EST 2003

--- JOdel at wrote:
> > Did anyone ever hear of a book called "The Great
> and Terrible Quest"?
> > 
> Yup. Got a used copy too. Dam fine piece of
> storytelling. 
> I never found more than one other Lovett, although I
> understand she wrote 
> several. The other one I found was in the library
> and called something like 
> Jonathan. Set in the early part of the industrial
> age. Rather similar to 
> Quest in general, particularly the grimness level.
> Nobody is the lost heir to 
> anything. But the title character manages to get a
> number of younger children 
> to safety and finds himself a decent home.
The Library of Congress lists only Jonathan and the
Great and Terrible Quest as books by Lovett (who was
born in Argentina by the way)


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