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> Devra said...
> >
> > What about Burnett's "Lost Prince", a marvel of
> tacky cliches.  The True
> > Prince (OMT) runs off from his country because of
> the Evil Acts of his
> > father, and then his descendents spend 500 years
> wandering around being
> Noble
> > (and well-educated and brought up) while
> maintaining an underground
> network
> > of Loyal Supporters.  Then the time comes for the
> uprising, and the True
> Heir
> > travels through Europe with his Faithful Friend,
> approaching total
> strangers
> > and saying 'The Lamp is Lighted!"  (gives me
> goosebumps to think of, even
> > now....a real Guilty Pleasure book.)  [No, no; she
> doesn't use capitals
> all
> > over--she's too competent a writer--you can hear
> it in the narrative.]
> Heh.  I love that book.  I've just finished reading
> the complete version
> (from Project Gutenberg; my Puffin Classics
> paperback is abridged), which
> includes a large chunk of Eastern Mysticism
> expounded on top of a mountain.
> :-)
> It's one of those books that sounds completely silly
> when you stop to think
> about its plot, but is great fun while you're
> actually reading it.
> Until the sky falls on our heads...

I have a soft spot for books that invent new European
countries, and try to work out how they would affect
the map of Europe especially if they were all added. I
once worked out a variant of the game Diplomacy which
added Scythia-Panonia-Transbalkania (as a major power)
and Ruritania, Graustark, Stackenz, Fredonia, The
Duchy of Grand Fenwick and several others to the map
of Europe. And Sellar & Yeatman complained that world
war one made geography complicated!


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