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Trease wrote several other historicals.  One was about a young Greek boy 
named Alexis who wrote a play, and got it produced by having his uncle 
pretend he was the author.  Then, Trease set a book in the Renaissance, which 
involves two kids finding and obtaining a copy of Alexis' play for their 
patron, who wants to print copies using his new-fangled printing press.

Not to be confused with Treece, whose books are much grimmer (but also 

In my youth, she said, cackling happily, I read Sue Barton.  7 or 8 books, 
following her from student to head nurse.  Very advanced for their time--she 
has a fight with her husband, and a trial separation!  Author Sue Boylston 
was I believe a descendent of Clara Barton and the lady who wrote the 
Midwife's journal....  Not to be confused with Cherry Ames, Awful Author.

Did anyone ever hear of a book called "The Great and Terrible Quest"?


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