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Devra said...
> What about Burnett's "Lost Prince", a marvel of tacky cliches.  The True
> Prince (OMT) runs off from his country because of the Evil Acts of his
> father, and then his descendents spend 500 years wandering around being
> (and well-educated and brought up) while maintaining an underground
> of Loyal Supporters.  Then the time comes for the uprising, and the True
> travels through Europe with his Faithful Friend, approaching total
> and saying 'The Lamp is Lighted!"  (gives me goosebumps to think of, even
> now....a real Guilty Pleasure book.)  [No, no; she doesn't use capitals
> over--she's too competent a writer--you can hear it in the narrative.]

Heh.  I love that book.  I've just finished reading the complete version
(from Project Gutenberg; my Puffin Classics paperback is abridged), which
includes a large chunk of Eastern Mysticism expounded on top of a mountain.

It's one of those books that sounds completely silly when you stop to think
about its plot, but is great fun while you're actually reading it.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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