Astrid Lindgren and Burnett

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One of my favorite books by her is "Mio, My Son".  Very wish-fulfillment, 
with the unloved little boy swooped away from his cold foster-parents to be 
returned to his father the king...

What about Burnett's "Lost Prince", a marvel of tacky cliches.  The True 
Prince (OMT) runs off from his country because of the Evil Acts of his 
father, and then his descendents spend 500 years wandering around being Noble 
(and well-educated and brought up) while maintaining an underground network 
of Loyal Supporters.  Then the time comes for the uprising, and the True Heir 
travels through Europe with his Faithful Friend, approaching total strangers 
and saying 'The Lamp is Lighted!"  (gives me goosebumps to think of, even 
now....a real Guilty Pleasure book.)  [No, no; she doesn't use capitals all 
over--she's too competent a writer--you can hear it in the narrative.]  

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