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Mon Feb 17 13:52:33 EST 2003

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> >
> >You see, it used to be that a publisher kept
> >the copyright until the book went "out of print" at which time the 
> >copyright would revert back to the author.  Only now, with these 
> >printers that can handle one-offs relatively economically, a 
> book never 
> >really goes out of print.
> >
> Actually, Jacob, it doesn't make that much difference. It was already 
> incredibly difficult to make a publisher agree that your book 
> was out of 
> print; I've been trying for years to regain rights to a paperback 
> historical novel that my agent thought she could resell in today's 
> market. Their standard seems to be, "As long as I can claim 
> that I think 
> there might be a copy somewhere in a warehouse in New Jersey that I 
> refuse to visit, it's in print."

Yeah, it's one of those issues that makes me despise publishers.  And a
motivation to want to show them up because they are so poorly run.  You
should see if you can't find someone in New Jersey who'll check it out for
you.  Seems to me this is an issue that is custom-built for the internet and
friends helping friends stick it to jerks...


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