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Sun Feb 16 21:52:17 EST 2003

As I card carrying member of the Beaker People
Libation Front (stated aim is to preserve British
culture by eliminating Beer surpluses where ever they
occur) I'm always annoyed by people who think that
Stonehenge is a Druid monument. I've never seen any
convincing evidence that Druidism was pre-Celtic which
means Stonehenge was 1,000 years old when the Druids
arived. We of the BPLF claim Stonehenge as our own
(which doubtless means that it was probably a Bronze
Age Brewery and had nothing to do with astronomy at

Jon Noble

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at> wrote:
> I read Catherine Fisher's Corbenic the other day
> (pretty good), which I think's been mentioned on
> this list before. Then, tonight I came across this
> article - while looking for something else entirely.
> Could this be where CF got the idea for the modern
> Arthurian set-up?
> Turns out they even have their own site:
> For interest, as they say --
> Charlie

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