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Sun Feb 16 19:37:47 EST 2003

>You know, every five or ten years the publishing industry makes a big noise about how new computer >technology is going to let them print books on demand and then you'll be able to buy a copy of >anything anybody has ever put on disk.  Wouldn't it be nice if they actually DID it one of these days?

It would! Actually, my sister doesn't use computers, so she wrote Marlows and their Maker on her grand piano manual typewriter. She gave it to me as a birthday present back in 1992 (we're good friends as well as sisters) and agreed to let me scan it into my computer. You can "meet" her at her Marlowmaker site under the link The Marlowmaker's Maker.

I keep telling her she's missing a lot by not having a computer/net access. She says she'd probably get addicted. However, I share info with her, so she knows about all you lot... including the Proffit Show.


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