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Sat Feb 15 01:07:19 EST 2003

> I'm not going to have time to reply to everyone's posts today,
> unfortunately as I'm at school and dashing off to class, but I do have to
> say that I absolutely love the beginning of Morris Gleitzman's Bumface.
> I like to read the first page to my students and watch all their faces as
> they go into shock.  "Did she just say what I thought she said?  Oh, she
> did!  She said it again!  This is a children's book????"

Funny thing... that was almost *exactly* the reaction I kept having the first 
time I read Leon Garfield's The Strange Afair of Adelide Harris. Which is a 
hoot (even if he did get the date wrong to actually work with his punch line. 
He set it in 1801, and to work it needed to be sometie in the 1750s or '60s). 

>>BTW, has anyone ever seen the "Mr Whisper" books I mentioned (or even read

One of my local libraries had the first one. I liked it enough to want to 
read the second, but have still never found it. Most references don't admit 
that either of them ever existed.

I think Dahl was another that I didn't run afoul of until college or later. 
The Charlie books. Did not like those At All. But I don't much care for 
grotesques. Much later i read Danny the Champion of the World and found it 
rather sweet. 
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