Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Abe Gross argross at
Fri Feb 14 09:33:34 EST 2003

> Ros:
> >
> >>  > Elfrida Vipont, The Lark on the Wing and others in the series whose
> >>  > titles I
> >>  > can no longer remember.
> >>  > About a young girl in a Quaker community (I think) who becomes a
> >>  > famous
> >>  > singer.
> >>
> >>  The Lark in the Morn, The Lark on the Wing, The Spring of the Year,
> >>  Flowering Spring, The Pavilion.
> >
> >You're amazing--and I'm amazed that someone else has read all of the
> >I've mentioned in this email. I remember all of the Vipont books you've
> >named except the last one, which I don't think I ever read.

Hallie wrote:

> Well, if it adds to your amazement enjoyment, there are now 4 more
> listees to add to the having read Elfrida Vipont list.  Not all of
> them - I had the two Larks and loved them (why did I forget these
> *too*?), read them to my girls, who both loved them, and loaned them
> to Dorian and Tarja.  I've never seen the middle two, but got The
> Pavilion out of the library a few years ago.  I wasn't as impressed,
> but that might have had more to do with switching to another
> generation, which just didn't suit my taste just then.

It's interesting, isn't it?--when I was reading Vipont as a child/teenager,
I didn't know anyone else who did, and even though presumably other people
were borrowing them from the library, I felt isolated. Same with the other
books that I'd loved that I mentioned...hence my amazement.

> >>  > What Katy Did--forgotten the author. Kate Seredy?
> >>
> >>  Susan Coolidge.
> >
> >Yep--can't think how I didn't remember that one.
> >
> >>  All these are favourites of mine too, but the only one I read as a
> >>  child is What Katy Did.
> >
> >So did you read all the others as an adult? I thought some of them might
> >longer be available.
> They're around at least.  Can't remember if in print or not, but I've
> read them as an adult.

Isn't it funny that it never occurred to me to look up the Vipont books in
the library? Hmm...maybe I'm afraid that if I read them again now, some of
their magic will be gone.

BTW, has anyone ever seen the "Mr Whisper" books I mentioned (or even read

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