Picture books (was: Childhood favourites)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 14 01:54:28 EST 2003

>He's only 13 months old, so I doubt he understands what we read him enough 
>to identify with it. Especially as I read to him mostly in English, 
>whereas he's exposed more to Hebrew and French. I just think the whole 
>ritual and interaction of reading to him is important. I don't know why 
>"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" grabs his attentions so much more than any 
>other book. Maybe the length is just right, maybe it's the fact that the 
>pages are different lenghts so it is easier for him to grasp them and turn 
>them (I am rather amazed that he knows exactly when to turn them).

We didn't have the caterpillar book, but Xanthe loved Brown Bear What Do 
You See, which is illustrated by Eric Carle. If it's Carle's illustrations 
which are popular, you may find this one a hit. Some of Xanthe's early 
signs and words were inspired by this book. She still loves to read it to 
herself. There is also a 'sequel': Polar Bear What Do You Hear?


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