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Thu Feb 13 09:16:21 EST 2003

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, christian nutt wrote:
|stupid question -- don't they just make this on a CD (or DVD) ROM and
|wouldn't that be more convenient? ^_^;;

Yes, it would be much more convenient.  But leaving aside the coolness
factor of having a big heavy two-volume dictionary you can haul around
(if you don't have RSI, which leaves me out) and play the dictionary
game with -- and can I just say that plane to dictionary game with the
OED is absolutely the coolest; the AHD can't compete for word funkiness
-- the CD is about $900.  I got the dictionary used for $99.
Periodically my friends and I discuss buying the CD version and loading
it onto suberic for suberic users, but I think we would have to pay
licensing fees then, which would raise the price.

Think how much easier Quentin's thousand words a month could have been
if he'd had the OED with him?  Nothing so boring as rabbits eating meat,
no.  It would have been rabbits getting zarfed.

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