Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

hannibal at hannibal at
Thu Feb 13 09:16:00 EST 2003

> (The Iliad. Unabridged Penguin translation. I liked it a lot better then
> than I do now, too. It's so "and then he killed him, and then *he* killed
> *him*, and then *he* got in a snit and didn't want to kill anyone, so *he*
> went out to kill him instead..." I wouldn't mind if it wasn't held up by
> classicists as containing everything that's great about humanity. Bollocks.

I know what you mean, but it is good on war, jealousy, grief, waste, courage, cowardice, boredom. Mostly stuff that ISN'T so great about humanity, I suppose, but real enough. And the old Penguin translation (E.V.Rieu - was that the one you had?) had the added bonus of that repeated phrase, 'What a word has escaped you by the fence of your teeth!' - meaning roughly 'Perhaps you'd like to rephrase that,' but somehow much more satisfying to say. Up there with Yahweh's wrinkly nose, in my book.


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